Food is such an integral part of social life in Greece that it cannot be discussed or considered on its own: it’s not just culinary pleasure, it’s also about meeting people and sharing an experience, something that becomes crystal clear when you see the appetizers right in the middle of the table spread. It’s also about the continuity of tradition, with recipes handed down from generation to generation and little secrets zealously kept under wraps by homemakers to lend their home-cooked meals a slightly different twist. That is precisely the philosophy we keep to at “Giosifaki” (aka “Kollitiri”), our family tavern. Iosif sees the authentic, traditional cuisine handed down to him by Grandpa Iosif, Grandma Frangiska, and Giorgos, Iosif’s father, as immense wealth, wealth that he believes should be shared with the island’s friends and visitors. That is why our menu and its delicious choices, together with our setting and service, offer our guests the full Syros experience, worthy of our love for the island. You’ll find us in Vari, Syros, at a magical location overlooking the wide blue yonder.

Contact information: +30 2281063163, flavors@giosifaki.gr, Giosifaki on Aegean Cuisine